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Laverne Dalgleish appointed to Consensus Committee to update NAHB National Green Building Standard

The National Association of Home Builders published a National Green Building Standard in 2008 to define what it means for a building to be green and establish a means to provide levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Emerald.  This standard covers everything from lot selection to energy efficiency.  As this standard has been developed under the ANSI process for standard developing organizations, the standard needs to be updated on a regular basis.  Work is now underway for a 2012 version.  The work is being done by a main Consensus Group for forty one members and seven Task Groups.  All proposed changes will be circulated for public comment before they are finalized.  Laverne Dalgleish is a member of the Consensus Committee and the Multi Family Task Group.  Laverne also is participating in the Energy Task Group and the Renovations Task Group.

March 31, 2011