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About Us

At Building Professionals, we’re committed to helping builders build a better world. We do this by providing technical expertise, advice and consulting services to the building and construction industries. So while we may not physically raise the beams or pour the concrete, we can supply the tools to improve every aspect of how our clients operate.

We Build Confidence: By developing and managing industry and manufacturer based site quality assurance programs and developing standards

We Build Professionals: By developing and managing certification, credentialing and accreditation programs

We Build Industries: By supplying high quality management and administration services for trade associations

We Build Value: By providing expert consulting and industry support services fostering research, better building codes and technology transfer

Our services include:

  • Quality assurance program design, development and delivery
  • Personnel certification implementation and delivery
  • Standards and specifications development
  • Project management for industry research
  • Building Code consulting
  • Warranty programs design, development, implementation and delivery
  • Contractor and manufacturer accreditation and credentialing design, development and delivery
  • Management of field audits programs
  • Association consulting
  • Association management
  • Association marketing services

To download further information on our full services available, please click on the document below.

Building Professionals – Helping You Build Your Industry