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Industry Affiliations

BP and it’s principles maintain membership in the following organizations:

Manitoba Building Envelope Council Manitoba Home Builders Association BOMA

American Society For Quality


Construction Specifications Canada

Canadian Green Building Council



Winnipeg Chamber Of Commerce


Canadian Society Of Association Executives




Efficiency First



<table border=”0″>
<td><img src=”/images/manitobabuildingenvelopecouncil.jpg” alt=”Manitoba Building Envelope Council” width=”167″ height=”59″ /></td>
<td><img src=”/images/manitobahomebuildersassociation.jpg” alt=”Manitoba Home Builders Association” width=”140″ height=”53″ /></td>
<td><a href=””><img title=”BOMA” src=”” alt=”BOMA” width=”152″ height=”48″ /></a></td>
<td><img src=”/images/americansocietyforquality.jpg” alt=”American Society For Quality” width=”75″ /></td>
<td><a href=””><img title=”QNET” src=”” alt=”QNET” width=”124″ height=”86″ /></a></td>
<td><img src=”/images/constructionspecificationscanada.jpg” alt=”Construction Specifications Canada” width=”75″ /></td>
<td><img src=”/images/canadiangreenbuildingcouncil.png” alt=”Canadian Green Building Council” width=”75″ /></td>
<td><a href=””><img title=”ANSI” src=”” alt=”ANSI” width=”134″ height=”134″ /></a></td>
<td><img src=”/images/ashrae.jpg” alt=”ASHRAE” width=”75″ /></td>
<td><img src=”/images/winnipegchamberofcommerce.jpg” alt=”Winnipeg Chamber Of Commerce” width=”113″ height=”64″ /></td>
<td><img src=”/images/astm.jpg” alt=”ASTM” width=”75″ /></td>
<td><img src=”/images/canadiansocietyofassociationexecutives.jpg” alt=”Canadian Society Of Association Executives” width=”109″ height=”29″ /></td>
<td colspan=”2″><a href=””><img title=”CAROLINAS ROOFING” src=”” alt=”CAROLINAS ROOFING” width=”227″ height=”73″ /></a></td>
<td><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/Efficiency-First.gif” alt=”Efficiency First” width=”125″ /></td>

BP actively engages and provides resources to help support the growth and professionalism of the industry.  Organizations that we have been or are currently involved with:

Mr. Laverne Dalgleish

  • Building Performance Institute – board member and past president
  • BETEC – Vice Chairman
  • Standards Council of Canada
  • International Organization for Standardization – Secretariat for ISO standards, ISO
  • Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance – board member
  • Manitoba Ozone Protection Industry Association – board member
  • Underwriters Laboratories of Canada
  • National Energy Code for Building: Canadian Codes Centre, a division of National Research Council – committee member

Mr. Ryan Dalgleish

  • Manitoba Building Envelope Council – President
  • National Building Envelope Council – board member and past president
  • Manitoba Home Builders Association
  • Education and Training Committee member
  • Manitoba Chapter Canadian Green Building Council – Treasurer