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Development & Implementation

In 1989, Building Professionals became the first organization in Canada to develop a site quality assurance program for the building industry based on the ISO 9002 standard. No other company or organization has developed such complete programs for construction and the on-site quality of workmanship.

There are a number of main components to create a successful and meaningful Quality Assurance Program. Building Professionals can provide a complete package or the design, development, implementation and delivery of individual components.

QAP Components:

  1. Research and Development of Products – Installation practices, installed product performance, design considerations, and compatibility are an important part of the QAP system. This component is on-going as products and installation practices change.
  2. Development of Standards & Specifications – National and international standards for products and installation.
  3. Licensing/Accreditation of Manufacturers – Criteria, methodology, and requirements for the licensing/accrediting of manufacturers.
  4. Licensing/Accreditation of Contractors – Criteria, methodology, and requirements for the licensing/accrediting of contractors.
  5. Certification of Installers – Certification criteria and processes for the verification of an individuals skills, abilities and knowledge.
  6. Documentation & Reporting Procedures – Documentation forms, reporting requirements and processes, installer and contractor check lists, daily work sheets, and inspection forms.
  7. Third Party Field Compliance Audits – Audit program to verify the manufacturers, contractors and installers compliance to the QAP requirements.
  8. Database tracking system – Systematically tracks and report on contractors, installers, field audits, and non-conformances.
  9. Appeal Process – Appeal process for the loss of license, certification, or issue of non-conformances.
  10. Consumer Complaint Process – Process to systematically deal with and successfully handle and administer complaints against program participants.
  11. Continuous Improvement – Formalized and managed process to modify program and deal with non-comformances and changes in industry.
  12. Third Party Warranty Program – This program will back up the entire QAP system.